Creativity and Tarot

One of the things that I absolutely love about Tarot is the never-ending possibility for creativity for the practitioner.  Divination is a blend of art and science, and coming up with combinations to delve into its depths is an immensely satisfying experience.  One of my favorite things to do is to invent new tarot spreads.

When you think about it, the questions that can be posed through tarot are really limitless.  Some are “yes” and “no” questions–I’ll do another post about why it’s best to avoid those types of questions later–but many are complex questions that really dig into the heart of an issue.  The layouts that can be created are expressions of the practitioner’s creativity and thoughtfulness, and they are vehicles by which those questions can be answered.

I suppose the logical question is “How do I go about making up a tarot spread of my own?”  The first thing I like to do is come up with a genre of the type of question or issue.  For example, I created a spread called the “Self-Love” spread.  It is designed to help the querent explore issues that may be preventing them from loving themselves as deeply as they deserve and provides advice on how to go about making that happen.  Secondly, I thought about how the card positions would work; a card to represent the querent, cards to represent the blockages, cards to represent hidden issues, cards to represent things that are on the surface, cards to give advice, etc.  Finally, I laid it out in a manner that was pleasing to me and easy for me to interpret.

The last sentence is key–“pleasing to me and easy for me to interpret.”  As a diviner, you need to be able to get the message across to your client.  You may find a spread online that looks AMAZING, but if you don’t connect with it, you are not going to glean as much out of the cards as you can as you would had you laid them out in your own fashion.  So be original!  Do what feels right for you!

Above all else, remember that tarot is a creative expression of its own, and working in harmony with it will only enhance your practice.  So flex those creative muscles and start making spreads that work for you!



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