Dealing with Difficult Clients

I’ve been very fortunate over the past two years to only have to deal with a few difficult clients.  However, when it happens, it can be jarring and make for an unpleasant experience for both you and the client.  There are a several types of clients that make readings particularly hard.

The first is the Skeptic.  The Skeptic likes to sit with their arms folded across their chest, staring aggressively at you while you do the reading.  You’re not sure why they are there, and to be honest, I’m not sure that they know why they are there either.  You can almost feel the disbelief radiating off of them in waves.  It used to rattle me a bit when I could get nothing from the client energetically; they were so closed off that it was like reading for a brick.  However, I could press on through the reading, let the cards give me their message and convey that message to the client.  What the client did with that message afterward was up to them.  Dealing with skeptics is not easy, and it can shake your confidence sometimes.  However, you have to trust in your abilities as a tarot reader and know that you are giving that client the best reading that you can.

Another type of difficult client is the Ignorer.  I call them the Ignorer because they are going to ignore any and all information that the reading has to offer them.  Oftentimes, they have already been to several readers prior to coming to see you.  They are seeking validation for a course of action that they have already decided upon. No matter what the cards tell them, they are already convinced of their course of action, and they will tell you that anything suggested in your reading can’t possibly apply to them.  I’ve had more than one Ignorer tell me that my reading was spot on accurate, and then immediately follow up with “But I know that if I just do it my way that it will turn out o.k.”  At that point, it’s your job as a professional to realize you are just there to provide information; it’s not your job to fix someone’s problems.  Their free will is paramount.

There is another type of client that can be difficult to deal with, and that is the unstable client.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to be able to recognize when a client’s issues are deeper than what can be enlightened by a tarot reading.  It is vital to know that as a tarot reader, you are not a trained mental health professional.  I have on more than one occasion gently suggested that professional therapy might be helpful to the client.  DO NOT GIVE LEGAL OR MEDICAL ADVICE DURING YOUR READINGS.  Do not hesitate to refer your clients to professionals for those types of issues.

Finally, although dealing with difficult clients can make readings unpleasant and sometimes make you doubt your own abilities, you have to have confidence in yourself.  You are there to do a job, and you have to do it ethically and to the best of your ability.  Trust that you are good at what you do, and that you are going to do the best job that you can for your client–even the difficult ones.  The rest will fall into place.

I’d love to hear suggestions from others about how they deal with difficult clients, so please feel free to comment!


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