Patience Is a Virtue: Starting a Tarot Business

As you’ve either read or probably guessed, I’ve started my own tarot business.  My shop is up over at Serenity Divination on Etsy.  I’ve been reading professionally now for about two years, although I’ve been studying tarot for much, much longer.  I work out of a fabulous metaphysical bookstore called Books, Beans & Candles in Birmingham, Alabama.  (By the way, if you are reading this and live in the greater Birmingham area and would like a reading–come see me on Monday or Thursday nights!)


The photo above is what sparked my post today.  I can honestly say I love my profession as a tarot reader.  I am a recovering lawyer–yes, you read that right.  I’m a lawyer.  I still have my law license, and could practice if I wanted to, but my heart just isn’t into it.  I never had a passion for law.  It was a job to me; something to pay the bills.  It wasn’t something that moved me, or made me wake up every morning with the desire to go out and hit the ground running knowing I was making a difference.

I get a wide variety of looks when I tell people I’m a tarot reader, as opposed to the days when I told people I was a lawyer.  Nowadays, I get reactions varying from: “Oh, that’s interesting!” to the sideways looks of “Ok, you’re a freak but I’m too polite to say anything.”  Being a lawyer definitely commands more respect in a very conservative and traditional society.

I don’t regret my decision to try to make a go of this as a full-time profession one bit.  I’ve built up a steady clientele at the shoppe, but I’m still waiting on that first Etsy order to come through.  My income is definitely NOT steady at this point, and it’s not livable.  I’m very grateful to my wonderful supportive husband, who bears the brunt of our financial burden so that I can follow my dreams.

However, each day I plug away.  I brainstorm new ideas.  I’ve religiously started building up my social media marketing (you can click the links on the side of the blog to see it).  I’m sitting back and learning from other readers who’ve got established practices and seeing how they market their businesses so I have models from which to compare.  I’m rigorously inventing new spreads to put up in my shop so that new clients will have a range of services from which to pick.

It’s going to take time, energy and effort, and it’s not going to come overnight; but I’m not giving up.  This is my passion, and I’m going to see it come to fruition, one way or another.



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