Cleansing the Cards: Removing the Psychic Goo

We all have our rituals for cleaning our decks.  When I get a new deck, I usually smudge it thoroughly with white sage and allow it a few days on my altar in my sacred space to soak up all that juicy, good energy.  Smudging is necessary as part of “routine maintenance” for my working decks as well, because, as you know–sometimes that psychic energy can build up after prolonged use.

Let’s talk about the little rituals we do for clearing and cleansing the deck between clients, however, as it’s hard to whip out the sage and do a full cleansing when you’ve got someone waiting on you.  My own personal ritual for clearing the energy of the previous client off the deck is to shuffle the deck three times and to give it a good spank three times.  Yes, you read that right.  I pop the cards firmly with the palm of my hand to get any residual energy–particularly negative energy–to get on out of there.  I also have friends who gently blow on their decks, visualizing the energy clearing away.  Still others simply visualize the deck being surrounded by good energy and white light.

What works for you, poppets?  What little rituals do you use?


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